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Files Overview

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You can add Files to LoTops in two ways.

The first way is through the Files interface. There you can click the Add button in the top right corner of the Ribbon area.  You’ll be prompted to select the File you want to add either by searching your computer or by dragging the File to the upload box.

Once you upload the File, you’ll automatically see the View tab for the new File.

You’ll then want to select the Info tab to select which Contact, Lead or Ally you want to link the File to. (You’ll notice other data, such as the File name, size, and date added will already have filled in automatically.)  You can also choose not to link your File to any other record by selecting Independent.

The second way to add Files to LoTops is from within Contacts, Allies, Leads.  Select the Files tab within the interface and then select the Add button toward the bottom.  Adding a File from within Contact, Ally, Lead or Project will automatically link the File to that record.

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