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Deals Overview

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Deals allow you to manage and track your sales processes in LoTops.

All Deals are linked to a particular Contact (either an Opportunity or a Client) and can be found in the Deals Tab for that Contact. You must select at least one of your Insurance Products when creating a Deal.

You can create and manage more than one Deal for a Contact.  (Note that if you update the status of at least one Deal as Won, an Opportunity will automatically be converted into a Client.)

When you create a new Deal (or click on an existing Deal), you’ll be able to add information about the Deal.

The first field of information is for naming your Deal.  Beneath that, you can select either one or several Insurance Products to link to the Deal. You’ll then want to set an estimated close date for the Deal. You can choose to assign an estimated probability percentage for your chances of winning the Deal.

For each Insurance Product you link to the Deal, you’ll need to add a dollar amount for the Commission. You’ll see your individual User Commission percentage for that Insurance Product listed and your individual User Commission dollar amount will be automatically calculated. (Note that other non-Admin users cannot see your individual commission rates or amounts.)

The Status field allows you to mark a Deal as either Open, Won or Lost.  The green and red buttons at the top of the pop-up also give you the ability to mark a Deal as Won or Lost.

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