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Deals Overview

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Deals allow you to manage and track your sales processes in LoTops.

All Deals are linked to a particular Contact (either an Opportunity or a Client) and can be found in the Deals Tab of the Contacts interface.

Deals Tab LoTops CRM

You can create and manage more than one Deal for a Contact.  (Note that if you update the status of at least one Deal as Won, an Opportunity will automatically be converted into a Client.)

When you create a new Deal (or click on an existing Deal), you’ll be able to add information about the Deal.

Open Deal LoTops CRM

The first field of information is for naming your Deal.  Beneath that, you can choose if you’d like to assign a Pipeline to the Deal.  (Note that assigning a Pipeline to the Deal will automatically fill-in the Est. Close date.)

In the Product field, you can choose to link a Product to your Deal.  Linking a Product to the Deal will automatically update the Value fields for the Deal, but you can choose to edit those values if you’d like to.  (If a Product is linked to a Deal that is eventually marked as Won, that Product will be marked as Sold.)

In the Value fields, you can set the anticipated Value of your Deal.  This can include both one-time and recurring costs.  The Tot. Value field will automatically sum both one-time and recurring values.

The Est. Close field is where you mark the anticipated date the Deal will be closed.  The Probability field allows you to enter a value of 1-100% for the probability you’ll win the Deal.  This can be updated throughout the progress of the Deal.  (If a Pipeline is assigned to the Deal, probability will be updated automatically at each new Stage of the Pipeline.)  Any Deal that is marked as Won will automatically have the probability updated to 100%.

The Status field allows you to mark a Deal as either Open, Won or Lost.  If a Pipeline is assigned to a Deal and all of the Stages are completed in that Pipeline, the Deal will be automatically marked as Won.  At any time during a Deal, you may mark the Deal as Lost.  If a Pipeline has been assigned to the Deal, marking the Deal as Lost will automatically delete any Tasks assigned by the Pipeline.