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Creating Pipelines Overview

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Pipelines are an easy way to organize and automatically assign Tasks for processes (such as sales processes or project processes) that your business does regularly.  Pipelines also give you an easy way to track progress on these processes

Pipelines can be assigned to Opportunities, Deals with existing Clients and Projects.  (Be aware that, although you can apply Pipelines to as many Deals and Projects as you like, you are limited to creating 10 unique Pipelines. Pipelines may have up to 8 Stages, with a maximum of 20 Tasks in each Stage.)

To create a Pipeline, first select Admin Settings from the User dropdown in the top right corner.  Then select the Pipelines interface.

LoTops CRM Pipelines Interface

Once there, select the New button to create a new Pipeline.  The New Pipeline window will open. Give your Pipeline a name and select whether it will be able to be applied to Opportunities, Clients or Projects.

New Pipeline LoTops CRM

Once you hit the Create button at the bottom of the window,  you’ll see your new Pipeline with one Stage and a Task in that first Stage.  (Every Stage requires a minimum of one Task.)

The first Stage will be selected automatically and the Stage details window will be open.

LoTops CRM New Example Pipeline

In the Stage details window, give your Stage a name.  Also, set the number of days, weeks, months (or even years!) that this Stage should require for completion.  This time period will be used to automatically set the due dates for the Tasks in that Stage.

Next, you’ll want to assign a Probability percentage to this Stage.  This is your estimate of the Probability that an Opportunity will ultimately be won if it is in this Stage.   As you add successive Stages, this probability will increase.  (Note that in Project Pipelines, this Percentage is not a probability, but represents the share of Total Work required by the Project that will be completed in this Stage.)

Next, select the first Task in the first Stage.  The Task details window will open.   Give the task a Title, a Category and assign it to the right team member.  You can also add a short Description.

LoTops CRM New Example Pipeline Task

You can now add new Stages and Tasks by selecting the Stage and Task buttons.

You can add as few or as many Stages and Tasks as you like to your Pipeline.  You can also drag and drop existing Tasks to re-arrange their order.  Once you have all of the Stages and Tasks set in the order you want, your Pipeline is completed and will be automatically saved.

When creating Deal Pipelines for Opportunities and Clients, make sure your final Stage includes a final Task of  ‘closing the deal.’

New Pipeline 4 LoTops CRM

Depending on where you assigned it earlier, you’ll now be able to select it from the available Pipelines dropdown in Clients, Opportunities or Projects.

You’ll also see your Pipelines in the PipeBoards section of Analytics.