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Creating a Project


Creating a project in LoTops is quick and straightforward.

On your home dashboard, inside the projects area, select the green button for ‘Add New.’

Set Your Project Details


You’ll then see a window where you can set the details for your new project.

First, you’ll need to enter a project name.  You’ll then have the option to add start and end dates for the project.

Next, you can add multiple existing users from your LoTops account to the project.  Clicking on the ‘Add users’ field will present you with a list of all current users to select from. 

(Note that you’ll be able to add additional users to the project after it has started, if you’d like.   Once the project has started, you can also invite people who are not already members of your LoTops account who you may want to have on just this project — like freelancers, members of partner agencies or vendors.)

You can then choose to add a project manager if you’d like.

You can also add a short description of the project.

Finally, you’ll need to select a workflow, which will set the stages each task in the project goes through as it moves toward completion.

LoTops offers you two pre-built workflows: the Simple Workflow (2 stages: To-do / Done) and the Kanban Workflow (Backlog / To-Do / Done).  (You can add your own custom workflows in the Admin area.)



Finally, click the green save project at bottom.

Your new project has been created! 

You’ll now see your new project listed at the top of the projects area of your home dashboard.  You’ll see the project description there as well if you added one.


Edit Project Details


Once your project has been created, you can still change the project details.  Just select ‘Edit project details’ from the dropdown menu at top right inside the project.



Create a Project From a Template


To learn how to create a project from an existing template, see this article.

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