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Contacts Overview

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Contacts consist of both Opportunities and Clients.

When you add a new Contact in the Contacts interface by selecting the Add button in the top right corner, you’ll be able to select whether to add an Opportunity or a Client.  (Opportunities are also added to the Contacts interface when you convert a Lead to an Opportunity.)

After adding a new Client (or Opportunity), the new Contact will be automatically selected for you.  Start by filling in some basic information, including Name, Role, Organization (if applicable), Email, Phone and Background.

When you fill out the Organization field, you’ll be prompted either to select an existing Organization from your database, or add a new one and fill out its basic info in a new window. (Note that if you are adding Contacts and Organizations to LoTops by using CSV files, your Organizations and Contacts information will automatically sync.)

Once you’ve added the Organization, the visible Address of the Contact will default to the Physical Address of the Organization.  The Google Map of your Contact will also update to this address (you may need to refresh your browser window to have your Google Map update).

You have the option of adding a different Address for the Contact, separate from the Physical Address of the Organization.

You can also add a Profile Picture of the Contact.

The Deals Tab to the right of the main Info Tab is where you can manage your sales processes with your Contacts.