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The calendar is where you can view events and tasks that have a due date.  Your company, each team and each project has a calendar.

You also have a personal calendar in your My Items

LoTops Calendar

Adding Events


You can add events (such as team and client meetings) by clicking the ‘Add an Event’ button beneath the calendar.  You can choose to make your events recurring if you have a regular event that you want to occur repeatedly.

(Note that users will receive two email reminders — the day before and the day of — for events they have been invited to and tasks they have been assigned that are due.)

Any date with an event scheduled or a task due will be highlighted in light green.  Click on that date box to see the events or tasks for that day listed below.  Click on that event below the calendar to be taken to that event to see details such as who’s invited and any notes and comments on the Event or Task.

Navigating Earlier and Future Months


Two successive months are shown in the calendar layout.  Click on the white arrows in the top right and left corners of the calendars to move forward or backward by month.

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