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Applying a Pipeline to a Client

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To apply a Pipeline to a new Deal with an existing Client, open the Deal tab and select the Pipeline field.  You can then select the Pipeline you’re looking for from the dropdown.

Client Deal Pipeline LoTops CRM

Once you select the Pipeline you want, it will be applied to the new Deal.  The Tasks of the first Stage will be automatically created and assigned to the designated users.

A visual Pipebar will be created with the same number of sections as there are Stages in the Pipeline.  The Pipebar is an easy way to quickly track the progress of a Pipeline.

The fields for Estimated Close date, Status and Probability will become read-only and will be automatically updated based on the current Stage of the Pipeline.

All individual Stage Due Dates and the Estimated Close date for the Deal are calculated from the date the Pipeline is assigned to the Deal.  These dates do not change even if individual Stages take longer than prescribed (are finished late).

The Pipebar will also be visible on the main Info tab of the Client.

If the current Stage of your Pipeline has gone beyond the time allotted for it (that is, not all of the Tasks of the Stage have been completed by the due date set for that Stage), the Pipebar will switch from green to red.

Once you’ve completed all of the Stages of your Pipeline, your Deal’s Status will automatically change to ‘won’ and the Deal Value will be added to the total Value of the Client on the Info tab.  ** Therefore, make sure your final Stage includes a final Task of  ‘closing the deal.’