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Allies Overview

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Allies can be either Partners or Vendors.  Unlike Contacts, Allies are not people you are looking to sell to. (However, if an Ally becomes somebody you are interested in selling to, you can convert them to a Contact.)

When you add a new Ally in the Allies interface by selecting the Add button in the top right corner, you’ll be able to select whether to add a Partner or a Vendor.

After adding a new Vendor (or Partner), the new Ally will be automatically selected for you.  Start by filling in some basic information, including Name, Role, Organization, Email, Phone and Background.

When you fill out the Organization field, you’ll be prompted to select either an existing Organization from your database, or add a new one and fill out its basic info in a new window.

Once you’ve added the Organization, the visible Address of the Ally will default to the Physical Address of the Organization.  The Google Map of your Ally will also update to this address.  (If you click on the Map, you’ll be able to generate directions to the Ally.)  You have the option of adding a different Address for the Ally, separate from the Physical Address of the Organization.

You can also add a Profile Picture of the Ally.

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