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Admin Settings


If you are an Admin for your LoTops account, you’ll see the Admin link as the bottom link on the left, main menu of your LoTops dashboard.  (Note that the Admin area is only accessible in the web app; it can’t be accessed via the mobile app.)


Click that Admin link and you’ll see the Admin interface:



The Admin interface has seven areas.




Admins allows you to add additional users as Admins.

Rename Company


Rename Company allows you to change the name of the main company for your LoTops account.



Users allows you to add additional new users to your LoTops account, update the profile settings for users and control which Teams and Projects individual users can access.



Billing allows you to see the billing history for your account and update your payment information.



Logo allows you to upload an image file that will be used as your organization’s logo at the top center of the LoTops screen.  Your organization’s logo will replace the LoTops logo that is at top center by default when you begin using LoTops.



Trash allows you to access all files that have been sent to trash and to empty the trash at any time.  (All trash items are automatically deleted after 30 days.)



Workflows is where you can create and manage the workflows that can be used by your business for all of your teams and projects.  You can learn about workflows here.

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