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We’re excited to announce a new feature in LoTops: the ability to complete Deals –and Projects– through easy drag and drop.

When you automate your Deals or Projects processes in LoTops by assigning a Pipeline to them, you can track and manage those Pipelines visually in a PipeBoard.  (PipeBoards are what some people call Kanban boards.)

In PipeBoards, every Project or Deal is represented by an individual Tile that is in the appropriate column for its current progress — columns represent Stages of the Pipeline.

If you want to move a Deal or Project to a different Stage, you can drag and drop the Tile to the appropriate column.  Now, you can also drag and drop the Tile to the bottom of the PipeBoard and place it in either a large green or red box.

The green box designates ‘Won’ for deals or ‘Completed’ for Projects.  The red box designates ‘Lost’ for Deals or ‘Abandoned’ for Projects.


LoTops PipeBoards Drag and Drop