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When you get started using a CRM system, you’ll start collecting and organizing valuable information about your prospects and customers.  And you’ll quickly discover you have the power to collect a lot of information for each record.

You can even create custom data fields to collect information that is uniquely valuable for your business.

However, rather than trying to immediately collect as much information as possible about every contact and every interaction, you’re probably better off just collecting a smaller amount of essential information as you get started.


Because CRM use is a habit.  You need to build it and grow it in your organization.  And if you start out with a requirement for your business (or expectation of yourself) to do too much too soon, you’ll actually increase the chances that people will stop using the CRM or never start in the first place.

You wouldn’t start a running program by immediately running five miles seven days a week.  You’d start small by maybe running a mile three times a week.  And after a couple of weeks, you’d notice some tangible benefits (faster running times, more energy during the the day, maybe some weight loss) and maybe be motivated to increase to 2 miles on one day each week.

The same holds true for CRM software.  You’ll notice benefits and insights just from collecting minimal information regularly at first.  And you and your team will get more familiar and comfortable with the software.  And once you’re in the habit of using it, you’ll probably be motivated to find other ways to get even more out of your CRM.