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Not all customers are created equal.

Some are going to be great fits for your business.  You’re going to enjoy serving with them.  They’re going to enjoy working with you.  They’re going to be happy to pay and pay on time.  They’re going to be profitable.

Some customers are not going to be such great fits.  They’re going to require a lot more time and effort and they’re just never going to be really happy with you.

The goal, of course, is to have more good-fit clients and fewer bad-fit clients.

But how?

Well, one of the answers is data.  Sometimes there are patterns and attributes of good clients and bad clients that aren’t immediately obvious but become clearer when you look at the data.

Maybe your good-fit clients tend to find you mostly via your website.  Or maybe your bad-fit clients tend to mostly come via your website.  It depends on the business.  Maybe your good-fit clients are large businesses.  Or maybe your good-fit clients are customers who are not local.

It all depends on your business. The point is, when you start looking at the data and trends in your business and customer relationships, you can find data that sometimes lets you make valuable changes in how you operate — like asking different qualifying questions of leads or spending more on certain types of marketing or marketing to different groups or areas more.