Pulse for an Aerial View

LoTops is a cutting-edge Zoho Projects alternative that comes with an interactive dashboard - giving you a bird's eye view of all your projects, teams, tasks, individual/group activities, upcoming calendar events, and more. The Pulse boosts your team's productivity and helps you stay organized - ensuring seamless project workflows.

Visualize your Work

Streamline project management with a visually pleasing and interactive board that helps you to efficiently manage work and establish order in your workflows. As a leading Zoho Projects alternative, LoTops offers better ways to organize your work, set goals, and keep track of your progress with a leading-edge Kanban Board.

Get Things Done

Share information and stay connected with your teams, clients, and/or project stakeholders in real-time with LoTops interactive messages and powerful chat features. Manage everything via a single screen. Empower teams to have uninterrupted back-and-forth conversations and share files without having to switch to other applications.

Carry Your Own Backpack

Access everything you need to get work done remotely from one place. LoTops offers its users to have their own Digital Backpack where they can keep their personal items such as assigned tasks, files, personalized calendars, and schedules for easy access from anywhere in the world.

Be Active On the Go

Whether you are in the office or away, LoTops allows you to carry your productivity tools with you. Access LoTops and embrace uninterrupted workflows whenever and wherever you are. Manage projects on the go, access tasks, and collaborate with teams along with clients through LoTops mobile apps - available on all leading mobile platforms.

Easy File Sharing

Just like Zoho Projects, LoTops allows you to create a centralized database for teams and clients or project stakeholders to easily access data. LoTops provides you with a secure cloud space for uploading and storing important project documents, files, folders, and media - facilitating hassle-free collaboration.

Real-Time Client Coordination

Take clients on board and share project progress and/or key insights. Get instant feedback on deliverables and streamline project workflows. With you in control of the access rights, LoTops enables you to connect with clients and project stakeholders via external invites - facilitating you to acknowledge hassle-free collaboration.