The Pulse

Get a bird’s eye view of all projects and insights at a glance. Monitor all key metrics including recent activity, assignments, overdue tasks, individual activity, recent tasks, and upcoming calendar events. Elevate your productivity with LoTops - a leading-edge Wrike alternative that offers better ways to stay organized.

Accelerate Project Progress

More intuitive and streamlined than Wrike, LoTops lets you easily split your projects into stages, break goals into separate milestones, and visually gauge progress as you proceed. LoTops' Kanban Board allows you to track, monitor, and manage workflows - enabling you to stay on top of your game at all times.

Secure File Sharing

LoTops allows you to create a centralized file repository for teams and project stakeholders for secure and easy data access. Upload and store important project documents, folders, files, and media with ease via LoTops - enabling remote teams to access the required information from anywhere in the world hassle-free.

Modernized Communication

Ditch the old school modes of communication and embrace a contemporary collaborative culture with LoTops - for teams, clients, and project stakeholders. Leverage seamless communication with internal and external stakeholders as LoTops allows you to share information and connect in real-time via interactive messages and powerful chat features.

Be Active on the Go

Carry your productivity tools with you wherever you go. Access LoTops from around the globe and achieve uninterrupted workflows no matter where you are. Manage projects on the go, access tasks, and collaborate with teams along with clients via stellar apps - available on all leading mobile platforms and OS.

Grab Attention

LoTops lets you know when your team mentions you, and what they say about you. Comment on the conversation, get reminders or updates, share or receive instant feedback for tasks, and acknowledge accelerated approval processes. Facilitate collaboration via mentions - a handy feature to grab the attention of other users when directing communication towards them.

Keep Clients in the Loop

LoTops allows you to send external invites to keep clients or project stakeholders in the loop. Share progress, discuss ideas, and get instant feedback on deliverables without any back-and-forth via calls or emails. With you in charge of the access policies, LoTops makes collaboration among your teams and clients seamless and secure.