Focus on the Essentials

More intuitive and streamlined than Basecamp, LoTops lets you easily split your projects into stages, break goals into separate milestones, and visually gauge progress as you proceed. LoTops' Kanban Board allows you to visually track, monitor, and manage workflows to establish order in your workflows.

The Project Pulse

Get a bird’s eye view of all projects and insights at a glance to easily plan and track your activities. Elevate your productivity with a Basecamp alternative that offers your team better ways to organize work through Pulse - enabling users to find all the key metrics including recent activity, assignments, overdue tasks, individual activity, recent tasks, and upcoming calendar events.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Share information and connect in real-time with interactive messages and powerful chat features. Leverage seamless collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. What LoTops offers is more than just getting work done, it’s a medium that breeds collaborative culture for teams, clients, and project stakeholders.

Centralized File Repository

Similar to Basecamp, LoTops also allows you to create a centralized file repository for teams and project stakeholders to readily access data. Upload and store important project documents, folders, files, and media with ease via LoTops’ secure cloud space - enabling remote teams to access data from anywhere hassle-free.

Compatible With All Leading Devices

Carry your productivity tools with you. Access LoTops and acknowledge uninterrupted workflows no matter where you are. Manage projects on the go, access tasks, and collaborate with teams along with clients through LoTops mobile apps - available on all leading mobile platforms and OS.

Smart Notifications & Alerts

LoTops helps you to choose the type of notifications and when you’d like to receive them. Set your schedule so that you don't get notifications after working hours or during the weekends - catch up later with everything that happened when you were away without having to take follow-ups from teams, clients, and/or project stakeholders.

External Invites

With a user interface simpler than Basecamp, LoTops’ external invites is a handy feature to keep clients or project stakeholders in the loop - always. Share project progress, discuss ideas, and get instant feedback on deliverables without any back-and-forth on calls or emails. With you in charge of the access rights and privileges, LoTops serves as a bridge between your clients and teams - facilitating hitch-free collaboration and serving as the best alternative to Basecamp..