Category: Remote Work

A lot of people today talk about what ‘the future’ of remote work will look like. I would suggest that the future of remote work is now. What do I mean by that?  Well, if you compare where we’re at in terms of remote work to two years ago, I’d say we’re still 18 years […]

We use LoTops to make LoTops.  And, in fact, our team has been remote since we started — before Covid changed so many workplaces and introduced remote work as a mainstream trend. We were always remote by choice — we didn’t feel we needed an office and we did want to be able to accommodate […]

One of the most basic (and best) reasons for having good project management software is so that everyone working on a project has a common touchpoint to find and share what they need. We call this having a Central Location of Truth.  Your project in LoTops is your Central Location of Truth for that project. […]