Category: Project Management

When working on a project, you can take a variety of approaches to complete it.  Project managers often turn to specific models when sketching out their plans for completion. One of the most prominent and successful models over the last few decades has been an approach or framework known as agile project management. The key […]

If you remain confused about what a marketing manager does, don’t be!  This post is a brief overview of this growing professional role. A marketing project manager is a point person for the development of marketing projects and campaigns, overseeing teams and planning form implementation to delivery. It’s a supervisory, directive role that can also […]

With the availability of rapid, cost-less (in terms of money) electronic communication driving a huge increase in the amount of overall communication, it often seems that all communication gets treated as equal these days. It’s so easy to send an email — or, even more so, a chat message — that many more things get […]

One of the key goals of effective project management is reducing stress, confusion and last-minute races against the clock. And one of the best habits for reducing stress is the simple practice of setting early due dates for your tasks.  If you’ve got a hard deadline for a task — say for instance, a promised […]

The adage ‘done is better than perfect’ is often ascribed to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  I think the truth of it is amplified when working on a project. One of the most common ways to get stuck during a project is perfectionism.  It can show up in the expected way of not being realistically […]