7 Reasons Email Marketing Still Rocks

There's so much choice now in marketing routes.  But familiar old email is still powerful and effective, especially when focused and done right.  Leave it out of your marketing mix at your own peril. 1. Relevant Emails Rock Email automation--sending scheduled emails at designated moments in the customer relationship--is very effective.  Automated emails average 70.5% higher open rates and 152% higher click-through rates than regular emails according the Epsilon Email Institute. 2. Really, Relevant Emails Rock According to the Digital Marketing Association, over 75% of email ROI is generated by customer-specific campaigns as opposed to general campaigns send to everybody. [...]

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Why Small Businesses Use Project Management Software

As everybody who runs a business knows, it's great to celebrate winning a new client, but the win isn't the end of the story.  Now you have to deliver the product or service to the client.  And managing that process efficiently can be tricky.  That's where project management software comes in. Project management software adoption has been growing very quickly over the last 5-7 years, especially among small businesses.  This article takes a look at some of the major reasons why that is. 1. Efficient Use of Resources This includes physical materials, team members and time.  All are very valuable [...]

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LoTops Easy CRM and Project Management

We're really excited to be launching LoTops.  LoTops is an easy-to-use CRM and project management application for small and medium-sized businesses. The idea to build LoTops came from my own desire as a business owner to have a single place to manage and grow client relationships that is intuitive, easy and quick to navigate, and highlights the most important information I want to get updated on --but that is also powerful enough to take care of a variety of tasks that eat up a lot of time and stand in the way of getting business done. LoTops handles client and [...]

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