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We’re happy to announce a major update in our scheduling capabilities inside LoTops.

The first piece of the update is that we’ve made the Tasks Interface simpler and easier to manage.  You can now see your Tasks organized in 3 easy sections: Overdue, Due Today, Due in the Future.  So you can quickly see what you need to tackle now.  This same organization of Tasks into 3 categories is now used in the daily reminder emails from LoTops.

The other thing you’ll notice with Tasks is that you can now choose to sync a Task to your Calendar (or the Calendar of the person you’re assigning a Task to). You can now integrate your Google or Microsoft Calendars with your LoTops account!

Synced Tasks will show up on their due dates on your Calendar.  And your entire Google or Microsoft calendar will be visible inside LoTops in the read-only Calendar interface.  So now you don’t have to leave LoTops to see your full schedule.