Getting Full ROI On Your Business Development

If you run a business, you and your team are doing business development activities.  You're calling prospects, attending networking events, attending industry conferences -- doing the necessary work to meet and develop new connections. In and of itself, that's great.  But it's also, of course, an investment of time and [...]

Automating Projects In Your CRM

When you can put repeatable processes in place, everybody saves time and understands more easily what's expected and when. And this definitely holds true for projects. If you're like many businesses, you repeat projects with similar requirements and steps often. If you design websites, then maybe you frequently have projects [...]

The Five Core Software Systems

Not so long ago, the technology landscape for most businesses looked a lot different than it does today. A lot more was done with no software-- paper and pencil were more prevalent.  And even for a couple of decades after the emergence of desktop computers, most businesses still ran on [...]

Using Your CRM to Build Your Ideal Client Profile

Not all customers are created equal. Some are going to be great fits for your business.  You're going to enjoy serving with them.  They're going to enjoy working with you.  They're going to be happy to pay and pay on time.  They're going to be profitable. Some customers are not [...]

Understanding Net Promoter Score

Keeping track of how happy your customers are is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  But how do you do it in a systematic, quantitative way?  Today, many businesses use a simple metric called NPS – or, Net Promoter Score.  It’s a quick and [...]

Managing Tasks In Your CRM

What do I need to get done today?  Did I remember to tell Sarah to call the client next Thursday?  Has John made any progress on his report?  Managing tasks --and the back-and-forth communication around tasks-- can become a big time drain.  Fortunately, your CRM can help.  In LoTops, you can [...]

CRM Turns Your Business Data Into a Business Asset

Your CRM allows you to organize, store and use your customer relationship information effectively.  For instance, if you meet a prospect that says she’s not interested right now, but very well could be in six months, don’t let this valuable information you earned go to waste.  Enter it into your [...]

CRM and Customer-Centric Business

The right CRM is a key tool in helping your business become more customer-centric, a major goal for businesses today. Being customer-centric means actively prioritizing a good or great experience for valued customers -- and putting in place systems to deliver and measure that experience. If you want to be [...]

Why Your CRM Should Be In the Cloud

In 2008, Software Advice found that only 12% of CRM software was based in the cloud.  A decade later, more than 90% of CRMs are in the cloud. What caused such a dramatic change? The biggest driver has been the mass adoption of smart phones.  If you’re running a business [...]

Sales Emails Are Not Marketing Emails

Sales emails and marketing emails are different types of emails with different goals and different requirements for success. Your marketing emails –or newsletters—are opt-in emails.  Your recipients have somehow chosen to be on your list.  When your recipients receive these emails, they know they’re one of many people all receiving [...]