File Storage Is Huge

Did we receive the application information from the prospect? Where is that contract we sent in October to the client? Do we have any pictures of the client's house? File storage and organization is a surprisingly big part of managing many prospect and customer relationships.  Along with emails and notes, [...]

Email Visibility Options

When you link your Microsoft (Office 365/Outlook) or Google (G Suite/Gmail) email account to LoTops, you've always been able to see an automatically filtered and updated email history between you and a Contact (or Ally or Lead) in your Emails Tab in that Contact's Profile. But what about the emails that other [...]

The ROI of CRM

CRM, or customer relationship management software, has been one of the fastest growing categories of business software for several years and shows no signs of slowing down. One of the primary reasons for CRM adoption has been that CRM gives a better return-on-investment than almost any other category of software.  [...]

With CRM, the Trick is Getting Started

When you get started using a CRM system, you'll start collecting and organizing valuable information about your prospects and customers.  And you'll quickly discover you have the power to collect a lot of information for each record. You can even create custom data fields to collect information that is uniquely [...]

Task Start Dates

Some CRM software systems (and even project management software) only allow you to assign a Due Date for your Tasks when you create them. That might work fine if your Task is starting immediately. But what about Tasks that are going to be started in the future?  Such as scheduling [...]

Tracking Reasons for Lost Deals

Successful sales are exciting and receive a lot of attention.  And rightfully so.  It feels good to be successful and those sales mean you have new clients who are going to need attention. But the sales you work on that aren't successful should get some attention as well.  They can [...]

Getting Full ROI On Your Business Development

If you run a business, you and your team are doing business development activities.  You're calling prospects, attending networking events, attending industry conferences -- doing the necessary work to meet and develop new connections. In and of itself, that's great.  But it's also, of course, an investment of time and [...]

The Five Core Software Systems

Not so long ago, the technology landscape for most businesses looked a lot different than it does today. A lot more was done with no software-- paper and pencil were more prevalent.  And even for a couple of decades after the emergence of desktop computers, most businesses still ran on [...]

Using Your CRM to Build Your Ideal Client Profile

Not all customers are created equal. Some are going to be great fits for your business.  You're going to enjoy serving with them.  They're going to enjoy working with you.  They're going to be happy to pay and pay on time.  They're going to be profitable. Some customers are not [...]

Understanding Net Promoter Score

Keeping track of how happy your customers are is one of the most important things you can do for your business.  But how do you do it in a systematic, quantitative way?  Today, many businesses use a simple metric called NPS – or, Net Promoter Score.  It’s a quick and [...]

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