13 Conversion Rate Optimization Best Practices

Conversion rate optimization best practices help you create more more leads and customers from your existing online traffic by more effectively driving those visitors to take desired actions. Conversion rate optimization should be an ongoing process of testing and refining while looking for incremental improvement. Source: By [...]

Avoid SEO Problems During Website Updates

There are 4 words that strike fear into the heart of any SEO marketer: “I’m changing my website.” That's because a website update creates the potential for SEO problems. Search engine optimization is based on the publishing of strategic content. When you make the decision to redesign a website, even [...]

11 Customer Service Principles Which Supercharge Your Business

Customer service principles form the backbone of every business. Providing excellent service must be part of your core mission. Of course, if you’re looking for inspiration to improve your customer service profile, then you’ll find plenty of quotes online. Source: “Just having satisfied customers isn’t good enough [...]

Hiring Interns: An Introductory Guide for Small Business

Hiring interns can create great opportunities for your business and the students involved. The need to have an innovative, talented, and experienced workforce provides this unique opportunity for businesses to create a mutually beneficial relationship. Each entity helps give the other a competitive edge in a properly structured program. An [...]

Grow Your Digital Marketing Agency with CRM

Marketing is two parts knowledge and experience and one-part talent. And the areas of talent and knowledge required for digital marketing today run a wide gamut: content writing, website coding, graphic art, and video production are all found in modern digital marketing agencies (DMAs). But growing your DMA goes beyond [...]

Growing Your Insurance Agency with CRM

Tommy McDonald, who serves as a Vice President with Marsh, Berry & Co. Inc., told Insurance Business America that there are 7 ways to grow your insurance agency from an organic perspective. “In our experience,” said McDonald, “understanding the metrics needed to produce predictable profitable organic growth is number one.” He points [...]

How to Raise Funds with Angel Investors

To raise funding from angel investors, you must know who angels are, where they invest, and if one might be interested in your company. An angel investor is someone with wealth that prefers to invest into small companies and startups. Source: Angel investors are smothered in ideas [...]

21 Great SEO Blogs for Business Owners

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can drive sustainable, cost-effective traffic to your site over time without the cost of paid advertising. The challenge of course, is that the industry is constantly evolving.  What worked yesterday may no longer work today. Beyond that, the specifics of SEO can be technical and [...]

19 Amazing Resources for Female Founders

“Define success on your own terms,” Anne Sweeney, the Co-Chair of Disney Media Networks once said. “Achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud of.” That is excellent advice for today's modern female founders. Women face some unique challenges in the entrepreneurial world.  Many are also [...]

The Top 25 Sales Books of All Time

Josh Waitzkin once said, “The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace an organic, long-term learning process, and not to live in a shell of static safe mediocrity. Usually, growth comes at the expense of previous comfort or safety.” We must always be learning and striving to grow. We must [...]