When working on a project, you can take a variety of approaches to complete it.  Project managers often turn to specific models when sketching out their plans for completion. One of the most prominent and successful models over the last few decades has been an approach or framework known as agile project management. The key […]

If you remain confused about what a marketing manager does, don’t be!  This post is a brief overview of this growing professional role. A marketing project manager is a point person for the development of marketing projects and campaigns, overseeing teams and planning form implementation to delivery. It’s a supervisory, directive role that can also […]

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that marketing agencies are responsible for creating and implementing their clients’ marketing plans.  But what does that entail, exactly?  And how does it get done? From a high-level perspective, marketing agencies can be involved in some of the most fundamental strategic decisions that a business makes: what to […]

For 500 years, English had no plural form of ‘PRIORITY.’ ‘Priorities’ didn’t exist.  There was only the ONE most important thing. This little factoid can be a good anchoring point when you’re facing a project.  If you think your project has 5 top priorities that are all equally important, you’re most likely headed for problems. […]

A lot of people today talk about what ‘the future’ of remote work will look like. I would suggest that the future of remote work is now. What do I mean by that?  Well, if you compare where we’re at in terms of remote work to two years ago, I’d say we’re still 18 years […]

With the availability of rapid, cost-less (in terms of money) electronic communication driving a huge increase in the amount of overall communication, it often seems that all communication gets treated as equal these days. It’s so easy to send an email — or, even more so, a chat message — that many more things get […]