With the availability of rapid, cost-less (in terms of money) electronic communication driving a huge increase in the amount of overall communication, it often seems that all communication gets treated as equal these days. It’s so easy to send an email — or, even more so, a chat message — that many more things get […]

One of the key goals of effective project management is reducing stress, confusion and last-minute races against the clock. And one of the best habits for reducing stress is the simple practice of setting early due dates for your tasks.  If you’ve got a hard deadline for a task — say for instance, a promised […]

The adage ‘done is better than perfect’ is often ascribed to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  I think the truth of it is amplified when working on a project. One of the most common ways to get stuck during a project is perfectionism.  It can show up in the expected way of not being realistically […]

We use LoTops to make LoTops.  And, in fact, our team has been remote since we started — before Covid changed so many workplaces and introduced remote work as a mainstream trend. We were always remote by choice — we didn’t feel we needed an office and we did want to be able to accommodate […]

One of the most basic (and best) reasons for having good project management software is so that everyone working on a project has a common touchpoint to find and share what they need. We call this having a Central Location of Truth.  Your project in LoTops is your Central Location of Truth for that project. […]