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7 Common Content Errors to Avoid

Avoiding content errors is an annoying--but important--part of content creation. Writing content can be a lot of fun. It can also be a time-consuming venture that feels like your brain is being sucked dry by a giant creative vacuum. When you’ve been writing for some time, or maybe you’re just [...]

13 B2B Cold-Calling Priorities

One of the most difficult sales jobs in the world is B2B cold-calling. You are being asked to contact someone you don’t know to convince them that your business can help their business in some way. As Brian Tracy suggests, gathering more information during the cold call process leads to [...]

What Makes A Company Culture Great?

The old quote, attributed to management guru Peter Drucker, is that company culture 'eats strategy for breakfast.' The idea is that the energy, enthusiasm, values and other intangibles that constitute a culture lead to the innovation and adjustment and execution that actually win in business over the long term. Great [...]

Understanding Backup and Disaster Recovery

Running your small business safely in 2018 requires having a good, reliable data backup and disaster recovery system in place. That means having the technology in place to access and retrieve workable copies of your data --both yours and your customers' that you manage--should a disaster strike. In IT lingo, [...]

Creating A Great Slogan

A great slogan can help establish and reinforce your company's brand and value proposition.  Once it's in the mind of your target audience, it tends to stick. How great would it be to have your brand and value proposition literally stuck in your prospect's head (or at least in the [...]

Urgent vs. Important

Urgent vs. Important. Even though these two terms are frequently (mis)used interchangeably, consciously and actively recognizing the difference between them will make you much more productive and help grow your business significantly faster. Urgent tasks are things that either have to be dealt with immediately or seem so. You feel [...]

CRM and Customer-Centric Business

The right CRM can be a key tool in helping your business become more customer-centric, a major goal for businesses today. Of course, every business owner has always known that without happy customers, no business can succeed. But over the last decade, there has been much more attention paid to [...]

10 Free Bliss-Inducing WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are pieces of software made by third parties that can be installed on your WordPress website to add functionality and convenience. They range in category from anti-spam, to email marketing to speed enhancers and everything in between. The availability of plug-ins from a large ecosystem of developers is [...]

How SCORE Can Help Your Small Business

Ken Yancey, the CEO of SCORE, has called his organization the 'Peace Corps of entrepreneurs.'  Many others have called it America's best-kept business secret. Both descriptions fit. SCORE (originally called the Services Corps of Retired Executives when it was founded in 1963) is a national non-profit organization of over 13,000 [...]

40 Female Entrepreneurs To Inspire You

Today, there are more female entrepreneurs starting businesses than ever before. Thirty years ago, there were nearly 4 million women-owned businesses in the US. Today there are more than 11 million.  And the number of women-owned businesses in the US grew 45% between 2007 and 2016--5 times faster than the [...]