Why Small Businesses Use Project Management Software

As everybody who runs a business knows, it's great to celebrate winning a new client, but the win isn't the end of the story.  Now you have to deliver the product or service to the client.  And managing that process efficiently can be tricky.  That's where project management software comes in. Project management software adoption has been growing very quickly over the last 5-7 years, especially among small businesses.  This article takes a look at some of the major reasons why that is. 1. Efficient Use of Resources This includes physical materials, team members and time.  All are very valuable [...]

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8 Important CRM Stats for Small Business

Having a CRM for your business is all about data--turning the key pieces of creating and managing customer relationships into  data that can be tracked, analyzed and acted upon. So it only makes sense that the consideration of using a CRM should be informed by data too. Have no fear, we've got the data.  Below are 8 key stats about CRMs.   1.  CRMs Offer Great ROI At the end of the day, business is about earning more than you spend and making smart investments.  CRM software is definitely a smart investment.  Nucleus Research reports that CRMs average a return of $8.71 [...]

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Why Every Small Business Needs a Great CRM

I had the original idea for LoTops small business CRM while owning a small business (a technology consulting and services firm) that serves other small and medium businesses in Central Texas.   My inspiration to design a great CRM that also had some key business management capabilities came from my own needs in running our business and also from hearing a lot over the years from other small business owners (some of whom were our clients) about their own technology needs for running their businesses and what they were looking for.  A well-suited CRM (customer relationship management) software solution for your small [...]

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Why More Small Businesses are Offering Short Term Contracts

In the past, landing a long-term contract was the ultimate goal of any software provider. Today, that’s not necessarily the case. Short-term contracts are becoming much more typical for B2B companies. For example, look at Codeweavers. This financial-software provider saw a 48 percent rise in sales after introducing a 30-day contract option -- evidence that customers want technology that reflects their own fast, agile business approach. The allure of short-term contracts In today’s world, where the pace of innovation can make technologies obsolete in the blink of an eye, long-term contracts are no longer meeting expectations. Consumers have grown accustomed to month-to-month subscription services, thanks [...]

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Great Software Can Make Client Relationships Easier For Small Business

Amid making headlines with board shakeups and a switch of CEO, Uber Technologies Inc. has been focused on its relationship with its drivers. As part of its “180 Days of Change” campaign, the ride sharing company recently tested a 24/7 hotline for its drivers, with Austin as one of the test cities. The hotline is an attempt to respond to the multitude of drivers frustrated at their options for getting in touch with the company. The hotline is connected to the app, allowing Uber to properly track and build relationships with its drivers. For Uber, its app is everything. It’s the company’s [...]

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