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When you can put repeatable processes in place, everybody saves time and understands more easily what’s expected and when.

And this definitely holds true for projects.

If you’re like many businesses, you repeat projects with similar requirements and steps often.

If you design websites, then maybe you frequently have projects where you’re building a new e-commerce website from scratch.  You know that for every store website you build, you’re going to need to have Paul collect the product photography, Paul write product descriptions, Sarah work on the initial homepage layout, and Sally confirm hosting details.  Among many other tasks.

Instead of creating and assigning these tasks anew each time you have to build an e-commerce website, wouldn’t it be easier to automate the creation of this project?  Of course!

In LoTops, you can create a Project Pipeline for each of the repeatable types of projects you encounter.  So, in this case, you could create a pipeline called ‘New E-Commerce Site,’ which includes all the tasks and stages from beginning to end.

And the next time you need to create a project for a new e-commerce site, you can skip thinking about who needs to do what and when, and simply apply your new pipeline and get things moving.

With pipelines for projects, you can avoid the organization and planning work you’ve already done many times before.