Author: Adam

This spring, the consulting firm McKinsey & Company released a survey on trends in remote work.  One of the most clear results was how much workers appreciate flexibility regarding remote work. When offered the option for remote work, 87% of workers opted for at least one day of remote work each week. Remote and hybrid […]

For 500 years, English had no plural form of ‘PRIORITY.’ ‘Priorities’ didn’t exist.  There was only the ONE most important thing. This little factoid can be a good anchoring point when you’re facing a project.  If you think your project has 5 top priorities that are all equally important, you’re most likely headed for problems. […]

A lot of people today talk about what ‘the future’ of remote work will look like. I would suggest that the future of remote work is now. What do I mean by that?  Well, if you compare where we’re at in terms of remote work to two years ago, I’d say we’re still 18 years […]

With the availability of rapid, cost-less (in terms of money) electronic communication driving a huge increase in the amount of overall communication, it often seems that all communication gets treated as equal these days. It’s so easy to send an email — or, even more so, a chat message — that many more things get […]

One of the key goals of effective project management is reducing stress, confusion and last-minute races against the clock. And one of the best habits for reducing stress is the simple practice of setting early due dates for your tasks.  If you’ve got a hard deadline for a task — say for instance, a promised […]

The adage ‘done is better than perfect’ is often ascribed to Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook.  I think the truth of it is amplified when working on a project. One of the most common ways to get stuck during a project is perfectionism.  It can show up in the expected way of not being realistically […]