8 Important CRM Stats for Small Business

2 min read

Having a CRM for your business is all about data–turning the key pieces of creating and managing customer relationships into  data that can be tracked, analyzed and acted upon.

So it only makes sense that the consideration of using a CRM should be informed by data too.

Have no fear, we’ve got the data.  Below are 8 key stats about CRMs.


1.  CRMs Offer Great ROI

At the end of the day, business is about earning more than you spend and making smart investments.  CRM software is definitely a smart investment.  Nucleus Research reports that CRMs average a return of $8.71 for every one dollar invested.

2.  60% of SMBs Use Their CRM for Email Marketing 

This stat from MarketingCharts makes sense.  Your CRM is the tool you’re using to organize and manage relationships with clients and prospects.  You want to be able to select contacts based on various criteria and send emails directly from your CRM — and do things like create templates, schedule emails for future sending and track emailing histories and open/conversion stats.

3. Mobile CRMs Boost Sales Force Productivity by Average of 14.6%

This stat from Nucleus Research also makes sense.  If your sales team is out of the office visiting prospects and customers, being able to pull up info on the go is a big advantage.

4. 82% of Customers That Leave Do So Because They Think You Don’t Care

There’s lots of things you need to take care of when running a business.  But is there anything more important than making sure your customers feel that you care about them?  This stat from Rockefeller Group suggests the answer is probably not.

And the truth of the matter is, most business owners do care.  But it requires organization and planning to stay on top of things so customers know that you care.   That’s where CRM software comes in.

5. More than 87% of CRM Software Is Now Cloud-Based

In 2008, Software Advice found that only 12% of CRM software was based in the cloud.  What has changed so dramatically in business in such a relatively short period?  You got it–mobile devices (see stat 3 above).

6.  75% of Consumers Spend More After Positive Experiences.

If customers leave after bad experiences, they stay and spend more after good customer service experiences according to American Express.   These experiences don’t happen by accident–customer relationships and experiences need to be tracked and managed.

7. CRM Projected to Lead Enterprise Software Investment

Technology analyst company Gartner forecast in 2013 that CRM software would lead all categories of enterprise software growth through the end of 2017.   Enterprises realize the key asset in a world with lots of choices is the customer relationship.

8. Ease-of-Use  Is The Most Important CRM Feature

An Inside CRM study found that among all available CRM features, ease-of-use was rated most important by 65% of respondents.  At LoTops, we definitely think this stat makes sense!  Our software is designed to be powerful but also easy and intuitive to use.  If you can’t figure out how to use your CRM’s features, they don’t help much.